Social media influencer Matt Davella went on his sister’s breathwork retreat in USA, thinking the whole experience would be a waste of time…

By the end of the retreat, he was blown away by how powerful breathwork was, and even compared the effects to taking psychedelic drugs.

Matt continued to experiment for another 30 days by himself, and you can see what happened here.

Below is what his sister, Michelle D’Avella has to say about the power of breathwork meditation. And here’s a link to her audio if you want to try.

Hindu Temple
Hindu Temple

Breathwork is an active meditation that helps quiet the mind enough to access and release unprocessed energy in the body. This energy can release in the form of physical sensation in the body or an emotional discharge. Though each person will open as much as they are ready to, many people express a release in Breathwork greater than years of talk therapy.

Breathwork can release unresolved emotional pain, recharge your creative battery, detox your nervous system, and nourish your soul.

Many of us have intellectually processed and re-processed our problems. We understand them, we might even know why we behave the way we do, but we don’t understand why that doesn’t contribute to sustainable change.

The body, through our nervous system, is constantly signalling to the brain whether or not it feels safe. We have to feel relaxed and at ease in our bodies enough to make different choices. Breathwork helps us address the unresolved energy lodged in the body keeping us in dis-ease.

Stagnant energy and chronic activated nervous system states are linked to limiting beliefs (I can’t do it, I’m afraid, I’m not worthy, no one will love me, etc.), ongoing physical discomfort, emotional instability, relationship problems, and more.

We have been raised in a culture that treats symptoms and encourages us to give our power away. Breathwork can be a fast path to self-discovery, but it’s in the long-term, committed practice to this work that your life can radically transform. This is a self-healing tool that can teach you how to reclaim your power, feel safe in your body, and process unresolved emotions and belief systems.


Who is Breathwork for?

Breathwork is a powerful tool for pretty much anyone, though if you have a history of trauma and feel unsafe facing your emotions on your own, you should contact a facilitator you resonate with to work with in a one-on-one capacity. If you have any serious illnesses, are recovering from surgery, or have any additional concerns, speak to your doctor before working with your breath.

If you begin working with Breathwork on your own and fear comes up, continue to affirm that you are safe, that it’s safe to breathe, and that it’s safe to be in your body and to feel your emotions. It can take continued practice to feel safe in our bodies.

Michelle Davella Breathwork Meditation Coach
Michelle Davella Breathwork Meditation Coach

Getting Started with Breathwork

Getting Started with Breathwork is a kit to help you begin, start, or continue a consistent Breathwork practice. I created Getting Started with Breathwork because I know how challenging it can be to commit to a Breathwork practice. This guide has a series of 3 guided audios (10, 20, and 25 minutes), an ebook about how Breathwork heals, an FAQ, and a series of printables for a 30-day Breathwork challenge.

Michelle Davella Breathwork Meditation Coach
Michelle Davella Breathwork Meditation Coach

“I created a free audio course as a gift for you. It’s called How to Find True Happiness: A 4 Step Guide to Self Love. In it you’ll discover three simple, but profound principles and my powerful go-to practice that will help you uncover what’s already within you.”

You can get started and learn breathwork by following the link below.